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The Mark-8 stair climbing public safety robot is a lightweight, easy to operate, multi-camera, day/night observation and reconnaissance system. The MK-8’s symmetrical design allows it to operate the same, right side-up or up-side down. Both the MK-8 and it’s OCU have field swappable batteries with real time voltage indication insuring they will always be ready no matter how long the mission. The MK-8s super wide-angle, low light/night vision color cameras combined with its 7-inch color monitor give the operator an unmatched floor to ceiling view that is both detailed and easy to see, day and night. Indoors or outdoors, the MK-8s powerful 8-wheel, direct drive motor system combined with its zero-turn radius can navigate tight spaces, push open unlatched doors, overcome obstacles and climb stairs ensuring that it can get to where the operator needs it to be no matter the terrain.

Capt. Ted J. OH Sheriff’s Office testimonial.                                                                                                      "We have put the MK8 through the paces over the past few months, to include a recent shooter incident where the suspect ran into a 750k square ft business complex having 78 businesses.  We had 6 swat teams on scene and we ran the MK8 for approx. 5 hours straight, up down and all around on one battery.  A huge response from everyone about the operational capabilities of the unit and how the 5hrs could have doubled without it."


No Training Needed • 2 Way Audio • Zero Turn Radius • 8 Wheel Drive • Field Swappable Batteries • 3 Year No-Fault Warranty



Mission Capabilities

  • Breach and entry operations
  • Multi-story structure clearing
  • Hostage Negotiation
  • Stair Climbing
  • Under vehicle inspection
  • Suspicious package investigation
  • Indoor/outdoor confined space and tunnel investigation
  • Day/Night covert surveillance and reconnaissance
  • Train, Plane and Bus inspections


  • Dimensions - Length 26”, Width 14.5”, Height 8”
  • Weight - 10 LBS. 4oz with battery installed.
  • Endurance - 3 Plus hours on field swappable batteries with real time battery voltage read out.
  • Outdoor Range - Tested to 300 feet LOS. Indoor range tested to 100 feet NLOS.
  • Drop Shock Resistance - Tested to 5 feet.
  • 2 Cameras - Color, 150-degree field of view, ultra-low light/night vision, IR illumination.
  • OCU Video Monitor - 7 inch, color direct sun light viewable.
  • 2 Way Audio - With agency supplied Smart Phone.


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