Recon Stick

The Recon Stick is a lightweight, affordable, easy to operate, multi-camera, day/night observation and surveillance tactical extendable pole camera system. The Recon Stick has field replaceable batteries with real time voltage indication insuring they will always be ready no matter how long the mission. The Recon Stick’s low light color cameras combined with its 5- inch color monitor give the operator an unmatched floor to ceiling view that is both detailed and easy to see, day and night. Industry Leading 1 Year No-Fault Warrant

Mission Capabilities

  • Breach and entry operations.
  • Multi-story structure clearing.
  • Attic searches.
  • Under vehicle inspection.
  • Indoor/Outdoor confined space investigation.
  • Day/Night covert surveillence and reconnaissance.
  • Train, plane and bus inspection.


  • Dimensions - Collapsed length 51 inched Extended length 10 feet.
  • Weight - 6 lbs. with battery installed.
  • Endurance - 5X Plus hours on field swappable batteries.
  • Wide angle Camera - Color, 150-dgree field of view, ultra-low light.
  • Telephoto Camera - 5 Times fixed zoom.
  • IR Illumination - 2 Spot IR LEDs and 3 Broadcast IR LEDs.
  • Monitor - 5 Inch color monitor.


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