MK-2 UDC Robot

The Mark-2 is a small, throwable, easy to operate, remote under door surveillance system. Both the MK-2 and it’s OCU have field replaceable batteries with real time voltage indication insuring they will always be ready no matter how long the mission. The MK-2’s super wide-angle, low light color camera combined with its 7-inch color monitor give the operator an unmatched floor to ceiling view that is both detailed and easy to see, day and night. The MK-2’s powerful 2-wheel, direct drive motor system combined with its zero-turn radius can navigate tight spaces, push open doors and look under closed doors ensuring that it can get to where the operator needs it to be.    



Mission Capabilities

  • Under door surveillance and reconnaissance.
  • Breach and entry operations.
  • Multi-story structure clearing.
  • Hostage Negotiation.
  • Barricaded Subject.
  • Plane, Train and Bus Inspection.
  • Suspicious package investigation.
  • Day/Night covert surveillance and reconnaissance.
  • Low light/no light stealth operation.

Your mission is critical to us.



  • Dimensions - Length 16", Width 12', Height 6"
  • Weight - 3 pounds 4oz with battery installed.
  • Operation Time - 2 hours with field replaceable battery and real time battery voltage read out.
  • Range - Tested to 300 feet LOS. Indoor range tested to 100 feet NLOS.
  • Drop Shock Resistance - Tested to 10 feet.
  • Drive Camera - Color, 150-degree field of view, ultra-low light/night vision, IR illumination.
  • Under Door Camera - Color, 100-degree field of view, low light/night vision, IR illumination.
  • OCU Video Monitor - 7 inch, color.